Our poster of the genealogy of the Kings of France has been certified by a historian.

Angoulême, June 6, 2001

I, the undersigned Jacques Baudet, professor of history and geography,

after having checked with other genealogical tables of the kings of France, can affirm that the document, provided by the company "Dynastie" and by Mr Zandvliet, appears to me rigorously and scientifically exact, in conformity and consequently worthy of interest for the schools and permanent contracts colleges from an educational point of view.

Indeed, by this table of genealogy of the kings of France, the young pupils can be thus guided in the maze of 15 centuries of history of France and among the characters who ruled the country from Clovis to Louis - Philippe.

Compared to other documents of this kind, matrimonial unions are better exposed (names of wives and dates of marriages) and moreover the presentation is attractive by illustrations comprising portraits.

Jacques Baudet, professor of history and geography.